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The Tube.

Please make more.

Yaeityyeet responds:

holy sheet Cethic
and by the way i'm still working in the full anim, probably i'm gonna make this as a series if this continues on.

Was a pleasure to work together. Still wish I'd have done more.

Regardless the final product was worth the wait, all the small details you packed into this one and the character dynamics really help this one stand out from other entries in the series.

Unfortunately painfully average. From the music choices to the majority of collab clips. There were a few I could count on one hand that kept my interest but over all it was very "meh."

But, I can still appreciate it for what it is and not what it isn't. It's not trying to be a deep revolutionary story driven collab, just something fun a few people slapped together to have a good time, and I can respect that.

Unbiased I can say the animation is good and the more detailed work on the other place is interesting, but that doesn't change the fact you ripped the dark toned agents with messed up teeth from my (still in production) short without asking.

The length is barely a minute only because of the intro and outro title and the music is super super quiet.

It's alright. It's not outstanding, but it's alright.

There was King, 10/10.

Don't steal from Djjaner!

Jsoull responds:


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Kenamy responds:

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Big lack of motivation in this project.

Kelzad responds:

Goddamnit, Chris.

I'll preface this by saying anything I don't mention below, I liked.

To keep things short and to the point, here's a list of the things I didn't enjoy.
-Inconsistency in weapon details, some weapons were bear bones and others detailed.

-Protagonist design felt very lazy and uninspired, it's just a grunt with a weird face and a hat.

-There were a few time gaps where enemies could've attacked or shot the protagonist but just stood there doing nothing.

-The backgrounds were really bland and lacked environmental detail/variety. A lot of them were either just a grey room with stairs or a grey room with a ladder, usually only having the token pipes and stains.

-The gore wasn't very detailed and was pretty typical madness looking (I.e. hollow and bland looking.)

-The combat at times wasn't very entertaining, but I'd say about 90% it was fun to watch. Not much of a fowl there.

-Soundtrack wasn't anything special, very typical re-used sounds, samples and BPM. Was very empty sounding and lacking, which is unfortunate because I know for a fact that the composer can make truly great music if he takes his time and does his best. Felt lazy.

-When the wall explodes there's no debris or particles, just a big flame effect and a hole suddenly. Also why are they blowing holes into their own building on purpose?

-The center point, being the madhat and an undying/regenerating protagonist, is a unique and interesting idea. Unfortunately there was a lot of wasted potential. Like you could've had him do risky attacks, like running into an enemy sword/spear on purpose since he cant die to take him out. It's unfortunate because there could've been so much more than just generic gun and melee combat.

That being said, overall I still enjoyed watching it and for what it's worth I wasn't very bored watching. The idea's neat and fun, though an invincible protagonist kind of removes any tension the movie could've had.

Superb animation from the both of you as always. I look forward to your next release, hopefully you'll learn from this and make something truly jaw dropping. I believe in you!

JohnyPixel responds:

I will try to make my animation better :)

Varied skill set, work close with Krinkels on his stuff.

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