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The Tube.

Please make more.

Yaeityyeet responds:

holy sheet Cethic
and by the way i'm still working in the full anim, probably i'm gonna make this as a series if this continues on.

Was a pleasure to work together. Still wish I'd have done more.

Regardless the final product was worth the wait, all the small details you packed into this one and the character dynamics really help this one stand out from other entries in the series.

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It's alright. It suffers from some of the same problems the original Hotline Miami games have, where melee enemies can kill you at the same time you hit them, being hit through doors, the doors in general being kind of wonky.

Hopefully the level design gets beefed up, because this level crammed a lot into just a large space without much environment to actually play with.

I enjoyed this game to the very end. Although, for the sequel I would suggest not making the enemies so strong so early in the game, and an XP bar that shows you when you're about to reach your next level would be great too. anyway, loved the game, can't wait for the next part.

The zombies can steal your weapons!? thats bullshit!!! XD
great game though krinkels, always well made things from you :)

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No download?

I like the inherent chaotic nature of this track, your instrumentation and harmonics are always a unique treat to hear because I've not heard anyone else do anything like it before.

That being said while this track has a lot going for it, I feel like it's bogged down by using less punchy default FL Studio drums. They're so recognizable they take me out of the track when I hear them.

But that's a minor gripe in an ocean of praise, I really love the intensity of this track.

cheshyre responds:

I appreciate the constructive criticism just as much as the praise. Thank you very much

I'm serious!

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This man eats poopoo

Joke? But where's the lie?


Christ almighty.

Varied skill set, work close with Krinkels on his stuff.

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