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you can just call it "animation reel"

They're basically synonymous.

Dammit I was writing some shit about how these collabs feel mediocre for over an hour but I lost track and it didn't really mean anything at the end so I guess that's that.


Finally somebody else gets what I've been saying recently.
I hate the whole mentality of hating on new animators/projects because "oh they're just bad anyways"
Oh yeah, I'm super sure absolutely NONE of those animators could've turned out to be amazing after some practice or anything.
It's almost like people have to start somewhere before they get good at animating.

when i posted my first ever finished movie on newgrounds, i figured i had to get some recognition. i saw that collabs got quite a few views so i chose to join one to get a reputation. i knew i had to make something somewhat special so i put quite a bit of time into my parts, and voila, people said ''this collab is shit, but some animators like this one and that one and sentry turbo were good'' and that made me feel proud. its like getting picked for dodgeball in school, you dont get picked because you're the last one in line and the leader has no choice, no. you get picked because you're not shit. this is a feeling that i would want every new animator to feel, it's a push for you to keep going because people think that you're good, and removing this feeling by removing test collabs from the community would be pretty bad, so there's one thing that test collabs are good for.
a thing i dislike about these collabs is how uncreative and uninteresting some parts can be, making an entire collab fall short and have all its potential run dry.
but whatever, im mumbling like kenamy about realm, hope this shit i just wrote makes any sense.

I think we've all shared that feeling at some point. I know I've had an almost 1 to 1 experience like you described, being singled out as one of the good animators in the collab.

That's pretty much how I feel about them though, and even if they're uncreative or unoriginal they're still just some harmless fun at the end of the day. Nothing more than a little animation reel a bunch of people threw together for fun.

And I mean hey, look where that's gotten you right? You've participated in some of the best collabs the community has put out in recent years.

collabs are bad sorry ~cymb

test collabs smell like poop

Here's an idea, my dude:
Unfinished test collab, a bunch of popular animator's unfinished tests/collab parts.

Reading this made me think about putting together a collab but shortly after the thought I remembered I don't have the proper editing tools.

And it also made me see more meaning in collabs.

Djjaner: ow me back why mate ?

"while Matt and I have been working on some cool stuff lately"..... can you please elaborate?

Yeah, actually, you're right.