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Cethic's News

Posted by Cethic - April 11th, 2016

Here's a small walk animation I made to see if I can still do the do.

Thought I should talk about something I've had on my mind for a while. I'm losing interest in doing "madness" style animation. It just gets so repetitive and bland. Moving parts around on a screen for hours at a time. I can't ever complete a project because I just get so sick and tired of looking at the sprites and eventually just drop the project. 

Idk, the more I do it the sicker I get of it. Maybe I just need even LONGER of a break. I mean, I've been doing this for so many years nonstop I probably burnt myself out on it.


On another note, I started a comic book.



Hopefully it'll be done soon, planning on doing 30 pages each issue.

That's about it. Doing some stuff for a GP collab and E5. Look forward to that, bc ill def participate in those.

Posted by Cethic - March 29th, 2016

Because of something that has happened multiple times.

Members either drop out, or give the parts they made for me away to other collabs, even though I NEVER stated in a post prior that the collab was over.

No one wants to see a collab composed of 4 people. I'll just give whatever parts I DID get to Gabe and let him make something with those, along with the parts he made.

There's no point in trying to continue this collab because the majority of the members let me down by either not following through, or giving their shit away to someone else.

So there we have it, the one thing I was stoked to make a thing was fucking murdered, great.

What a pity.



With the death of my collab out of the way, I have something you kiddies might enjoy. Now that everyone killed my collab, I can focus more of my time on writing a script and making an actual movie. I've decided I'm actually going to sit down and make something worth watching now. I've been wanting to for so long, but just been falling flat of ideas.

I obviously can't reveal everything about it, but just know it's going to be fucking packed full of cool stealth and choreography shit. Going to try and incorperate SOME kind of story into it.

Not sure what I'm going to name it yet, It'll probably be something stupid as fuck though. Not literally, just not creative or original.

So I guess be on the look out for that? 


Also I've been helping my friend Skyler with his CS:GO videos. If you wanna see me be bad at video games you can check them out on our channel.


I'm usually Penis Parker, The Shag Master, or Grandpa. I'll probably change though so my name's "Valavari" from now on when we play.

I dunno.


Mostly been doin art and music stuff, only recently got back into animation.

I guess that's all. Welp.

Cya next time I do a thing.


Posted by Cethic - February 24th, 2016

Internet goes out sometimes, so if the stream randomly ends without a propper goodbye, it will be back up after a few seconds. Come hangout with me.


Posted by Cethic - February 22nd, 2016

It basically has been on hault because I have been waiting on a majority of the members to finish their parts, and they've given me nothing, so I am booting them from the collab. 

I'm no longer accepting new members. The deadline for anything Pukricide related will now be the first of September.

The current members are.

@cethic - 0/3

@gabrielbarsch - 0/?

@ellvis - 2/2

@seindark - 0/?

@kenamii - 1/1

@ghost-kewell 1/1


I bet you all thought I gave up on you, eh?

Not while I still live and breathe.


Also made some Karambit knives.


Haha, and I even bought one too.


My friend messaged me recently, the one I lost, and she apologized for shoving my past back into my face and holding it against me, ect. So, we had a fun skype call yesterday. All is well.


Posted by Cethic - January 11th, 2016

I just need a lot of time to myself.

Posted by Cethic - January 9th, 2016


Posted by Cethic - January 1st, 2016

Just wanna start off by saying wow.


I never thought I would get 600 fans here on Newgrounds, especially with my recent inactivity.

So, I've come to a decision on something I've been thinking about. My Christmas move FLA for this year.

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/48cb1146a0a795c9ae5e046d93c06caf   <- here's an SWF of it

I was so upset because I was afraid all of that time and effort I was putting into it would go to waste, but I've decided I'll be using it for my MD16 movie, since I didn't get it out on MD15.

Even if there's not a schedule MD15, I'll still do my best to get it out on September 22nd.


What else have I been doing though? 

Mostly drawing, and actually working on an animation that isn't madness related.



I've also picked up the hobby of doing gun skins for CS:GO.


I've done a few more, but don't have screen shots of them on hand right now.

I've also decided to create another account for all my 18+ content, which you can check out here. http://valavari.newgrounds.com/

Posted by Cethic - December 21st, 2015

You won't be getting the movie I was hammering on you guys for Christmas, because my brother is a selfish piece of shit.

Didn't post anything MD15, thanks for putting up with me being a constant disappointment. Even if he wasn't here, I no longer have the time I need to finish it.


Posted by Cethic - December 16th, 2015

check it dudes, more stuff.




Again, huge thanks to everyone who showed up!







Posted by Cethic - December 15th, 2015

Again, bad internet, might cut out randomly sometimes. 

There will be about a 12 second delay, so if you ask me questions they might come out delayed due to me working and due to the streams delay.


Just click yes on the button, there won't be any NSFW this stream.




Thanks to everyone who showed up! I streamed for 8 hours and 15 minutes, got tons of work done, your eyes are my inspiration!

There will be another one tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for that!