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Cethic's News

Posted by Cethic - 1 month ago

The troublesome thing about abandoned cities is that they are almost never completely abandoned.



Posted by Cethic - May 12th, 2021

Weapons and boobs, you can all freak out now.






Bababooey Fafafooey.


Posted by Cethic - May 7th, 2021

Who really knows? Anything could be out there.



Posted by Cethic - September 22nd, 2020

Hank is cool.


Show me your cartoons, I will hold Matt at gun point and force him to watch your cartoons then respond with a quote from him about your animation.


Posted by Cethic - December 1st, 2019

So it's obviously been quite the year for me! I apologize for putting REALITY.fla on such a delay, but as most of you already know I kinda lost my apartment back in May and was couch jumping for a while, on top of a huge commission pile!

It's left me strained for time to work on it, but that's also given me time to think.

Personally? I'm considering binning the project. Though it's pretty close to completion, it just feels like it doesn't have its own voice y'know? I did so much work to make sure everything within the cartoon was canonically correct I limited myself in the scope of what I could do with my artistic vision.

Meanwhile, something I DO wish to pursue would be a cyberpunk/Blade Runner inspired cartoon, something I can flex my art muscles with. That and Miami madness, which I've actually been considering making a complete frame by frame cartoon. No sprites baby!

But who knows, all I know is that REALITY.fla feels like it doesn't have its own voice, it has qualities and concepts that make it unique but at the end of the day I'm still using the AAHW and still using a lot of ideas from Matt. I feel like it's limiting the scope of my creative potential and that using madness as a vessel for a story, rather than trying to tell a "madness" story, would be much more interesting to work on.

But hey, that's what this post is for! Discussion, let's talk. I want to hear your thoughts.


Posted by Cethic - September 22nd, 2019

Don't have much to show other than that Jeb art really. I had planned to do a short where Jeb rises from the ground to kick some ass, which was the general concept behind the rough art piece I uploaded.

The only real madness animation I've done THIS year however was a frame by frame scene for MAXIFICATION 2.

Which you can watch here!

It was originally supposed to be in the trailer, but unfortunately it got removed. So I'll just share it with you all here!

Click here for dumping grounds.

Click here for YouTube.

That's all I can show, but expect big things in the future!

Merry madness day, I'll make sure to check out everyone's submissions.



Posted by Cethic - July 2nd, 2019

I see this big stigma about how test collabs are shit and pointless and boring and blah blah blah.

They're oversatured and unoriginal sure, that much is true. But they're also good for scouting animators to participate in something bigger. I know when I reccomended people to participate in Paradig 2 it was based on a pointless test collab, but it still showcased the skill these animators had.

It brought unseen talent to my eyes, a lot of it. If anything test collabs are still an important part of this community, they help showcase new animators and what they can bring to the table for bigger projects.

A lot of unnecessary shit gets thrown their way, but like I said they're important for showcasing a bunch of individual talent in one spot.

If you want to make a test collab, do it. Gather new animators, bring all of you together in one spot so we can all see what you're capable of.

Just something that's been on my mind while Matt and I have been working on some cool stuff lately.

Expect some cool shit dudes.



Posted by Cethic - June 12th, 2019

Small 30 minute podcast where I, alongside Kelzad and Cymbourine, talk about Madness projects and how my art fuels my cartoons!


Posted by Cethic - June 10th, 2019

I'm sure you all know what Madness REALM is, if not, then god has probably answered your prayers.

I've never really discussed about REALM only to a extend when i just claim i don't like it, but honestly, it's not that bad either, i've always told to any animators that being inspired by this series is not a bad thing, but it's neither a good one.

so i'm going to be a trashbag about realm on this post because of only one image, yes, i just feels like i have to, for most people that is into the madness community (of animators, not just being a fan) probably know the various opinions going on about realm or kelzad himself (though it doesn't matter at all right now) the first episode was basically his first movie, so there is nothing to blame aside the fact we have a Baby auditor being born out of a accident, and progressively evolve into a even less original monster which appeared in a official incident.

(basically he don't even own 1% of the non-physical form, even his powers are basically auditor's) Why am i bringing this up? for a simple reason that always bothered me, at first, i thought it would be a simple matter of time, but it's not, Kelzad has never once had the intention to have his own shit, even to this day, he is surely drawing flying rocks linked with big ass chains including halloween decorations that was Krinkels's home decoration last year.

i have no idea how you can still enjoy copying content to a extend this extreme, for me, this picture is literally a Krinkels's scene to me, you can't think anything on your own because you just think you don't need to, and that's fucking sad.

Obviously the reason might be something like "oh i don't really need to do so, i have a huge youtuber fanbase into madness and they like whatever i make" Which is a valid argument, there isn't much purpose to make this post aside letting you know you fucking sucks, you're literally part of the YouTubers species which corrupts kids, the only difference is that you still put more work than many others because in madness you can't really be messing around, well, you kinda did it for stuff like boss battle, it was awful and you probably knew it yourself, but didn't bothered to redo or even practice a minimum (that would be actually worse if you redid it and still being bad) i don't get it, why would you still copy shit ?

do you have a personality ?

are you krinkels's son ?

is it something like Fortnite trend, so you have to make fortnite videos to get popular and you do the same way with SACRIFICE.fla and all the others .fla and you absolutely need to do the same ?

Some people may not give much thoughts about it, but bro, no one really wanted a reduced quality krinkels version. and don't even thinks stuff like "oye but Burtjack, Thece and Prov22 did it", the problem is, you can't compare to these animators, they are literally newborn faggots with a copyright infragment disease as temporarily cancer symptoms.

I Know you will change nothing what you've done in REALM5, but if possible, reduce any references regarding the entire .fla Series.



Posted by Cethic - March 26th, 2019

Whoa hoa hoa

I'm 22 today! I'm ancient, there's cob webs on my name.

Been a while since my last update, just been a busy bee. Been helping Krinkels, sharing concepts, giving feedback, ect. I've been squeezing in work on reality when I get free time, hopefully once things settle down I can get back to doing more frequent cartoons.

I'm finally in a better position to start doing so, though! My job's drawing art from my computer desk now and that's been exciting, though there's just SO MUCH work to do from a few months ago.

Hope to be postin' again soon!