How not to kill Madness: An in depth tutorial.

2014-07-05 23:18:27 by Cethic

1- Be original.

Okay seriously guys, you have no idea how easy it is to tell what's going to happen in a collab part when a guy goes to shoot his gun and it doesn't fire then he looks down the barrel. He gets shot. Fucking predictable. I cannot stress THIS ONE enough, stop over using this idea, it's old, out dated, and not funny anymore.

2- Organize a collab with good animators.

I don't like to call people bad animators or anything, not my cup of tea. But seriously, new animators should not be organizing a collab and accepting just anyone who asks. You can't expect to keep your audience entertained when you have choppy crappy animation parts. Or at least get something that looks decent. Just because it is smooth doesn't always means it's good. If you can't get someone who is at least at the level of This then you shouldn't be trying to put it out, because it's really not all that good.

3- The content.

I can't stress this one enough either. Nothing is more boring then continously watching one guy go into a room and kill agents with a gun like it's nothing. I used to do this, but let me evaluate more. Try spicing up the killing. Have a guy grab a gun and push it into a guy and shoot someone else while using the impaled body as a meat shield, or something nifty. Watch Ellvi's animations, they're a good example. So is Kenamii. Even just how the kill is executed can be an additive.

4- Sound quality.

There's nothing more annoying then hearing low quality sounds in a flash. If you don't know how to edit your sound properties look up some tutorials. And try to use more sound effects then the basic madness ones in sprite sheets. Give your movie more life.

5- Gun shells.

This one is really simple. You can't fire a gun without bullets, and when bullets fire the shell comes out of the gun. There is no excuse as to why you wouldn't animate them. Simple as that.

6- Music/ Music timing.

This is also another big thing, It's not entertaining to watch a guy walk past a bunch of dead guys slowly, nothing going on, while a crazy dubstep drop or intense part of a song is going down. You have a little second counter in flash, look at the timing, then chop up and add in your music accordingly. If you animate slowly, don't use something fast paced like DNB or drumstep. Or even dubstep for that matter.

7- Vcams.

Vcams should be a MUST HAVE for you movie. Nice camera panning combined with well planned out fighting and music can make a scene all the better. Just scrolling along the stage is not a good way to do things.

8- Don't get butthurt.

If someone calls you a bad animator, don't be a little baby and give up. People will always hate on what you do. Just keep trying to improve, and you can save madness. There's no point in getting good, getting all these fans and high hopes to just leave it all and never come back. It leaves us with fewer animators and your fans disappointed.


So there you have it. If any of you got mad at me for saying any of this, then I don't care. If you're bad you're bad, just improve. I don't hate new animators, I encourage them to get better. And if you just give up at the slightest insult, then you probably shouldn't have been animating in the first place.


Chris chan out. \ o /



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2014-07-05 23:19:31


Cethic responds:

Ha! Can't be second now! >:DD


2014-07-05 23:26:58



2014-07-05 23:36:08

the hot dogger dont load :/


2014-07-06 02:52:48

Why does the "Hot_dogger" swf won't load?

Cethic responds:

Listen to Zapchon, you have to wait.


2014-07-06 04:11:38

just wait for a bit and then it will load


2014-07-06 09:41:10

Nice bundle!


2014-07-06 15:09:34

Nuff said, however I don't think the #5 (bullet shells) are so important, also nothing that you can't do after finishing your movie, but not really important.
Also nice example you made.
Thanks for the help :)

Cethic responds:

It's not that they are important, but your protagonist is going to look pretty retarded firing a gun with no bullets.


2014-07-08 04:52:39

Haha nice little explanation goin on there, Nice guns to btw. Lookin gewd


2014-07-09 06:56:46

illuminati over there.

Cethic responds:

: V


2014-07-09 16:24:31

i just noticed that you just copyed my micro.

Cethic responds:

I copied your microphone chat like, 4 months ago.


2016-10-20 20:39:18

Cethic::yeah but we all have to start some where,and when one gets good,at animating one can look back at his or hers bad past animations......its like anything else.....cant climb the ladder from the top right???