Dem custom sprites.

2014-02-16 13:07:52 by Cethic


These are my custom sprites, I'm only sharing a screen shot of them with you because I do NOT want these decompiled. Normally I wouldn't care, but these are something I made one hundred percent me, and I don't want to give these out. When I make a movie with these it will be converted to an AVI so that it cannot be decompiled. If I ever use these in a collab and you decompile them, I will have you reported to Tom Fulp. I know it's harmless that you are making a test with them or using them, but they are MINE. They are very special to me, and if you try to use them or steal them I will have you reported for copyright and or stealing. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is.


Why am I showing you these if they're so special to me? Because I thought you guys would like to see what I've been working on, which was updating these.


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2014-02-16 13:28:53

So let me understand, dem sprites are like treasures and you are the Dragon???

Cethic responds:



2014-02-16 13:41:44

And can you believe them
even guys what gives fucking credits

Cethic responds:



2014-02-16 13:50:31

god damn!

Cethic responds:



2014-02-16 14:03:40

Oooooo, they look cool :D

Cethic responds:

o y thx


2014-02-16 14:43:58

Why did you redraw the ATP Engineer and the 1337 agent characters so precisely?..

Cethic responds:

Idfk, lol.


2014-02-16 15:46:24



2014-02-16 16:03:35

Awww, Look at the fist.


2014-02-16 18:39:16

nice sprites,and also good to see your not afraid to defend your own work.

Cethic responds:

Damn right, I didn't spend my time making these so someone could rip them away.


2014-02-16 18:51:43

Loved them, they're like the "Mini Madness" sprites I already made, but after I discarded because the agents were too much small to the guns.
Also, the A.T.P. engineers sprites weren't made 100% by you right? But anyway, I respect your privacy, and like I said: "Why stole sprites when you can create your own?" :3

Cethic responds:

Preciesly. And actually yes, the ATP engineers were drawn 100% me lol.


2014-02-16 21:32:44

Sprite-stealers can still steal your sprites even if you publish your animation in movie format.
1) Take a screenshot.
2) Paste into Flash.
3) If it's high-quality enough, just Trace the image, It will automatically generate vector image based on it.
3-) If it's blurry or contains noise or is low-quality - manually draw lines on top of the scan. Takes time, but requires not skill and no effort.

There is NOTHING you can do to protect your sprites. Except that you make them so detailed and so-well drawn that they will be extremely time-consuming to manually draw on top of (assuming the movie is badly compressed and everything is small and blurry).

Cethic responds:

They could do that, but they wouldn't exactly have everything if i didn't include every rotation for every character in the movie.


2014-02-16 23:31:25

If you don't include a certain rotation in your movie, it does not get compiled into the SWF, because Flash only compiles the assets that you use, and ignores the rest during movie compilation.
Therefore, unused assets will be impossible to decompile from an SWF unless you put them off the stage somewhere and forget to delete them later, lel.

Cethic responds:

Yea, that's what I was sayin' mang


2014-02-19 00:18:00

Sprite thief: *window breaks* Gimmeh teh sprites! D:<
Ceth: *gunshot* next is you other foot


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