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Hey pals, let's have a talk!

Posted by Cethic - December 1st, 2019

So it's obviously been quite the year for me! I apologize for putting REALITY.fla on such a delay, but as most of you already know I kinda lost my apartment back in May and was couch jumping for a while, on top of a huge commission pile!

It's left me strained for time to work on it, but that's also given me time to think.

Personally? I'm considering binning the project. Though it's pretty close to completion, it just feels like it doesn't have its own voice y'know? I did so much work to make sure everything within the cartoon was canonically correct I limited myself in the scope of what I could do with my artistic vision.

Meanwhile, something I DO wish to pursue would be a cyberpunk/Blade Runner inspired cartoon, something I can flex my art muscles with. That and Miami madness, which I've actually been considering making a complete frame by frame cartoon. No sprites baby!

But who knows, all I know is that REALITY.fla feels like it doesn't have its own voice, it has qualities and concepts that make it unique but at the end of the day I'm still using the AAHW and still using a lot of ideas from Matt. I feel like it's limiting the scope of my creative potential and that using madness as a vessel for a story, rather than trying to tell a "madness" story, would be much more interesting to work on.

But hey, that's what this post is for! Discussion, let's talk. I want to hear your thoughts.


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If it's close to completion, you could probably just dump what you have finished on your own thing or you could pass it off to another GP member to slap a bow on it and call it done. Would kinda suck to have something with that much dedication be scrapped away.

I could also always finish it at a later date, but I feel as though I hyped the cartoon up to the point where it won't deliver if it came out.

But it's also not entirely about hitting satisfaction with others, and the workload left on it isn't enough to sway me from completing it as is.

It's entirely possible I could finish it within the start of next year before finally digging into Miami Madness or this newly proposed Cyberpunk themed project.

Personally I feel like you could still change REALITY.fla to be it's own thing.
The enemies (as far as I can tell) are completely unique to the animation and haven't shown up in the official canon at all.
The same goes for the intro scene.
You could easily make it into something strongly resembling the official series but with your own twist on it, which I think would be the best option for it.
The work you've got done on it so far is way too good to just be discarded.

I AM leaning more towards not discarding it, but I also feel like working on the other projects I have in mind would just be much more engaging for me to work on, despite being much more work.

The enemies and opening were definitely meant to help it stick out from the .fla cartoons Matt himself did, to establish a darker tone but also show that I'm not about just straight rippin' on him.

I got a lot of time to think though, no reasons to rush to a decision yet.

Just go with what feels right. Katana Zero and Hotline Miami were very expressive games and 80s styled city runner music evokes emotion. Xionic madness for example was far too different from Krinkel's works but stands on its own merits.

My fault that i stole ideas from it.

Nah you're fine, that's not a factor into why I might bin it. It's really based more in me wanting to have something that visually and tonally is more unique than what REALITY.fla currently is.


A cyberpunk/Blade Runner inspired cartoon does sound awesome, but scrapping that first one so close to completition? :O Maybe just put it out there? As is? Life is flawed and imperfect but that's what's so awesome about it.

Ah yeah what @Cymbourine said! Finished or no, to bin is so woe.

I think that finishing the proyect and showing it to the public and taking notes from the feedback might be a good idea if you ever wish to know what could be done to give it a more original twist to it. That, and it'd be a damn shame to bin the proyect at this point, being so close to completion. Either way, I hope this animation doesn't bother you too much and I'll respect wichever choice you make n_n

if you really don't feel like working on reality.fla, scrap it and work on something you'd prefer or enjoy more

Well if it's polished? heck people Typically like Madness stuff alot even if it's nothing that will be continued, ends abruptly, I don't know about other people but I'm here for the Thrilling bits and moments of madness.

I hope that you finish it to the end and put it on the Internet. And I think that something else can be added to the project. I wish you good luck with all this.

Ya know, I think you need to complete Reality.fla to the end and freely start a new project you want to. At least I don't see a reason to drop it, only if you completely lost interest to it. Just won't you regret of dropping almost done project?
Your idea of Miami Madness sounds awesome, I really wish to see it, I think it will be a really nice project.
Anyway I wish you good luck, whatever will be your final decision.

I say finish it for your fans!

Hey bro, no need to roll back reality.FLA, just finish it, you don't know how the community will react.

Not sure whether you've made a decision yet, but I personally think it's a shame to put lots of effort into something only to abandon the whole project.

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