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Varied skill set, work close with Krinkels on his stuff.

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i'm very sorry for you.
I wish you the best of luck

Fuck, man.

need an external hardrive bro, incase shit like this happends x_x

I have an external, I just didn't have a reason to back anything up yet since I had tons of free space.

save early n often, even if that means backup lol i did that for absolution

Shit, and you not have a backup of the information ? fuck.. D:

Oh god...But there is a trick to save all these,unfortunately every thing is lost ,When i feel whimper of that something bad is gonna happen in my Computer,i quickly Open up NG and upload the movie the The flash test iam working on,Then if my Computers hard drive fell,I recover it,And reinstall flash,Then complete it.

I wish you the best man!!! you can do it!!!

I know your pain.


Everythings gonna be alright :(

Damn man. That really sucks. :(
It happened to me too, so trust me when I know how it feels.
You will be kicking yourself for not backing things up and just feeling generally sad.
But you will get over it eventually.

To be honest with you I'm not really upset, just kinda like

Oh, this happened

I crie 4 u Ceth :(

I really know your pain, bro

I still don't have my PC back and there's chances that it won't turn on ever again.

lmao, for that kind of problem, i get all in my USB, and All confirmed part are on the dump.
cuz PC r traitor

Aww it's sad to hear it man.
Good luck.

It's kinda getting annoying with all the: "IF U HAD AN USB, IT WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPND."
Like, we know.

I have an external hard drive that probably has older versions of my stuff, so I may have that going for me. But the movie and collab parts are def gone.


i don't know if that talk bout me but i didn't even said about da USB, DAHDreamingGuy also lost everything because he walked on his USB which there was all parts in. And you can Lose Dump if you're getting Hacked, there is no way you could get a 100% safety of your Saves.

Hum, that's very sad. I will not say get a usb or etc cause everyone already said it. I feel bad for you ceth, if i can help you with something feel free to contact me on skype bro :)

man that mega sucks

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