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Madness: Project Mercury Madness: Project Mercury

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A pretty good first movie! I hope to see more from you. Pretty creative. :)

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Prov22 responds:

Whoah, thank u!

Madness Bananafication (MadCzech Collab) Madness Bananafication (MadCzech Collab)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The idea wasn't very interesting. Backgrounds were very lazy, uninspired and boring. Soundtrack could've been better.

ScorpionCZ- suffering from all your movements looking robotic and not fluid, needs more dynamics. Walking animations look very awkward.

Johnypixel- Your part felt very rushed, and it had bad pacing. I usually like a lot of the stuff you make, so this was a bit of a disappointment. Some movements felt either too fast or too slow, and the overall pacing made the scene felt like it happened way too quick. Your second part was much better, despite being shorter. Third part was overall too slow, but near the end it picks up.

Djjaner- Best animation out of them all, due to experience. A few movements felt awkward but overall they were pretty fluid and on point. Backgrounds were still lazy looking and uninteresting.

Armicek- The only thing I can say is practice. The pacing was too slow, and a lot of the movements were unfluid, stiff and awkward.

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Madness Association III Madness Association III

Rated 5 / 5 stars

u smell like cheese

Jackson-Siegel responds:

Yes I do.

Madness Unleashed Madness Unleashed

Rated 5 / 5 stars

YES KING 10/10

GabrielBarsch responds:


Incident: RR Incident: RR

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I have 5 main issues with this movie.

-A lot of the backgrounds don't really match with the characters.
-The line inconsistency is really bothering to the eye.
-The low quality of the sound effects is irritating.
-A lot of the movements are either way too fast or way too choppy. Or both.
-The final fight was pretty lame for something that the whole animation is supposed to be building up to. He's the big boss for a reason, he shouldn't be defeated in literally 3 to 4 seconds. It's just not climatic, and it kinda defeats the purpose of your movie. Nobody wants to watch a movie where someone just waltz's in and murders the big boss without any effort. It's just not satisfying. If there's anything I've learned from making madness movies, it would be that.

I removed half a star for each problem I had. Out of 10? I give it a 4.5.

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ScorpionCZ responds:

Many thanks for your constructive criticism.
The only thing that I can defend it: It's my first bigger project, so hopefully next project will turn a little better. :)

Madness Beaconfication 2 Madness Beaconfication 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I never really liked the plot or idea behind this movie, as silly as it is. In terms of a madness movie it doesn't really matter, but the audio quality and animation quality are my only problems. You don't really seem to have improved much if at all since 2014. Your were steadily improving and it seems you've just stunted growth, the quality of your sound effects are also pretty low. They don't fit with the high quality music.

Removing a star for animation, it's not bad by any means but it's not godly by any means. Removing a half a star for the sound quality.

If you want some tips, I'd suggest trying to make your movements more fluid and less stiff. I'm talking about the overall movements of characters, they still look robotic and move really strangely. It's not that the animation is choppy, it's just the movements. You have characters smoothly moving like robots. Your recoil is also absurd, I'd suggest toning that down a bit and studying how guns look when they fire to get a better grasp on it.

If you're going to make 2 more parts, as a personal request, make sure the animation and audio quality are at least a step up from this one and 2014.

No hard feelings, just laying out my honest thoughts mate.

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juanford66 responds:

i can understand it, yeah i know my animation is not perfect, i almost always trying to improve or not make repetitive kills or movements, on the recoil ibe changed with the pass of the years but yea could be better, and about the low quality sounds i sould try to improve the quality too, for the music ibe discovered how to improve the sound but for the orthers... i dunno if its the same process. anyways, thanks for the review dude :).

Twilight Princess: BAD WOLF Twilight Princess: BAD WOLF

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Loved the animation, the dialogue was also a treat to hear unreversed.

k7vin responds:

It's good to know the extra lengths I go to for entertainment's sake doesn't go unnoticed :)

MadnessInundation Ending2 MadnessInundation Ending2

Rated 0 / 5 stars

A dead king is no king at all.

Outlaw madness Outlaw madness

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I actually really like this.

Short: Incident: 000a Short: Incident: 000a

Rated 0 / 5 stars

No king 0/10.